My name is Iosune and I teach English at Regina Pacis school. After I got my degree in teaching training in Pamplona, I moved to the UK to study a postgraduate in teaching  English as a second language. I lived there for five years .I have a real passion for the English  language and the culture.
 I enjoy teaching young learners and  helping them  learn and grow and would like to partner with you in order to best support your child.
I look forward to the fun we will be exploring and learning.

Best wishes,


"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world" 
( Nelson Mandela). 

This is me.

Let me introduce myself. I'm called Blanca, and as you know 
I'm the first of Primary's teacher.
I've been teaching for 25 years. That's why, I feel the school like my house, like my family.

I like to go to the mountain or to the sea, to hear the sounds of the waves.
And above all, I love English. I've always been besotted with it.
So much, that years ago, I decided to be an English teacher. 
I've been studying English since then. I went to Ireland to improve.

Now, I keep on studying, reading, listening and talking to teach the most English as possible to my pupils.

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